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Detroit Pistons 2013 Season: Trades,Free Agents,Prediction

Detroit Pistons (25-41) Missed 8th seed by 10 games

2013 Lineup                       2013 Bench              

PG-Brandon Knight          Corey Maggette       Kim English
SG-Rodney Stuckey         Jason Maxiell             Charlie Villanueva
SF-Tayshaun Prince         Andre Drummond
PF-Jonas Jerebko            Vyacheslav Kravtsov
C  -Greg Monroe               Austin Daye

#1 Need- Go too Guy/Rebounding/Charlie Villanueva
* The Pistons ranked last in 4th quarter scoring in 2012-evidence that they need another scorer to compliment Greg Monroe down-low.
*The Pistons looked like a decent team at times in 2012 but lacked offensive direction. The backcourt often dribbled away the shot clock which led to terrible shots.
*With a year under his belt Knight will now assume full control of the offense which should be a positive for Detroit.
*When the offense is clicking the Pistons were great, going 10-4 in 2012 when scoring over 100+ points.
*On paper the Pistons have a chance to upset critics and make the playoffs-but they will need to resurrect Charlie Villanueva, continue working hard defensively, move the ball and run the offense through Greg Monroe.

Free Agency
* Vyacheslav Kravtsov (Ukraine)
1) A high energy player that is capable of outworking his opponents.
2) Offensively his skills around the rim are mediocre, majority of his offense will be from hustle points, put-backs etc.
Built like tank, Kravtsov will compete on defense, he has quick feet and shows great discipline to block shots at the NBA level.
4) Besides his energy Kravtsov’s main asset is his jumping ability, he is easily the best dunker on the roster.

Current NBA Comparison- Rich man’s Josh McRoberts

Trade (executed)
Charlotte Bobcats received Ben Gordon + 1st round pick
Detroit Pistons received Corey Maggette
1) Shedding Ben Gordon’s contract while acquiring Maggette who has an expiring contract and is a scoring threat off the bench made this trade a win for the Pistons.
2) Maggette is skilled at bringing games to a screeching halt with his ability to draw fouls. He compliments the grind it out half court game.
3) Maggette’s skills are on the decline, but he can still net 12 points and 4 rebounds off the bench-unfortunately he will disappoint Piston fans defensively.

Draft #9
* Andre Drummond (UCONN)
1) Not a believer in his potential, his zenith is Ben Wallace without the strength and afro-his basement is Hasheem Thabeet no in between.
2) Drummond appears to want greatness but does he have the ability? I’m going to jump out the car window in D-Town and say no.
3) Offensively challenged-no post moves, shooting is a chore, getting to the line will be a nightmare-he has a chance to become the worst  free throw shooter in the modern basketball era.
4) Where Drummond may be able to hang his hat is on the glass, he has great length and instincts but will need to work on fundamentals like boxing out-which he had trouble with in the summer league.

Off-Season Mistake
Fire Sale Closed
1) There is still hope in the Pistons front office that they could make a run, but based on the roster, that in itself is a mistake.
2) They have the slightest of chances to muster an 8th seed and even then, beating a number 1 seed like Miami will be impossible.
3) The Pistons will owe $67 million in salary in 2012-exceeding the salary cap-unacceptable for a rebuilding franchise.
4) Surprising that the contracts of Prince, Stuckey and Villanueva still remain-especially after the Ben Gordon salary dump.
5) Dropping all 3 contracts should result in $47 million in savings over the next 3 years-perhaps the fire sale will commence at the trade deadline.

2013 Prediction: 27-55   Will miss playoffs

Written By: Kareem Arnold

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