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Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Bobcats 2013 Season:Trades,Free Agents and Predictions

Brooklyn Nets (22-44)

2013 Lineup                              2013 Bench

PG- Deron Williams                Marshon Brooks         CJ Watson
SG- Joe Johnson                  Reggie Evans          Keith Bogans
SF- Gerald Wallace                Tyshawn Taylor
PF- Mirza Teletovic              Jerry Stackhouse
C-   Brook Lopez                     Kris Humphries

#1 Need-Front line
*Key Offseason signings-Deron Williams,Gerald Wallace, Brook Lopez, Mirza Teletovic
*The Starting Lineup will command a hefty $66.3 million in 2013.

Free Agency
Kris Humphries
1) Humphries is deceptively one of the league’s best rebounders and also an underrated defender.
2) If he can be paired with a center that isn’t allergic to rebounds and defense (Brook Lopez syndrome) the Nets will do some damage.
Mirza Teletovic
The Nets won here-even if Teletovic becomes a mediocre player, $3.3 million per year is a small price to pay for a power forward that can shoot the ball like Mirza.
2) Mirza is primarily a deep threat, but can effectively post up when he has a height advantage. Mirza’s defense is well below average as is his handles and passing ability.
3) With a penetrating guard like Deron Williams on his side, Teletovic will have plenty of chances to hit shots and prove his NBA worth.
Current NBA Comparison– Ryan Anderson
Potential Second Coming– Peja Stojakovic

Trade (executed)
Brooklyn Nets received Joe Johnson 
Atlanta Hawks received Anthony Morrow+Jordan Farmar+Johan Petro+Deshawn Stevenson+Jordan Williams+Lottery Protected 2013 1st round pick+2017 2nd round pick
1) From the Nets perspective this move had to happen to lure Deron and Dwight to Brooklyn. Even though they couldn’t land Dwight there’s still a strong possibility he will sign with them after the 2013 season.
2) Williams will draw enough attention to get Johnson decent looks-which will increase his efficiency. As the primary scorer in Atlanta, Johnson forced too many shots and was constantly in isolation.

Draft # 57
*Tornike Shengelia PF (Georgia)
1) Shengelia is a 6’9” player that attacks the defense at every opportunity.
2) He has a tendency to force the issue in transition costing turnovers, but he doesn’t force too many jumpers.
3) If Shengelia makes the team, the Nets will likely use him as bench insurance for Teletovic .

Offseason Mistake
Brook Lopez Max Deal
1) Maxing out on Lopez will look terrible a few years from now when he continues to prove that he cannot defend or rebound at the NBA level.
2) The Nets current front-line is not what I would call defensive juggernauts and Lopez is the ringleader of the Nets most glaring weakness-interior defense.
3) Superior offensive centers in the NBA are rare gems but Lopez’s deficiencies decreases his value-certainly not worth  the 4 year $ 61 million contract.

2013 PREDICTION: 47-35


Charlotte Bobcats (7-59)

2013 Lineup                                 2013 Bench           

PG- Ramon Sessions                 Bismack Biyombo          DeSagana Diop
SG- Ben Gordon                        BJ Mullens                       Matt Carroll
SF- Gerald Henderson                Reggie Williams
PF- Tyrus Thomas                       Kemba Walker
C-    Brendan Haywood           Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

#1 Need- Leadership/Perimeter Defense
* Charlotte needs to unload unproductive players with huge contracts
* BJ Mullens and Brendan Haywood can impact the game on offense and defense respectively, the length of the Cats can cause an uproar in the East in 2013.

Free Agency
Ramon Sessions PG (Lakers)

1) Sessions made a bad but passable decision when he opted out from playing with the Lakers in 2013.
2) If money was an issue his contract with the Bobcats is only worth a grand total of $ 500 k yearly more than his previous contract. 
3) Sessions will likely start over Kemba Walker who shot a dismal 36% from the field in 2012.

Trade (executed)
Charlotte Bobcats received Ben Gordon + 1st round pick
Detroit Pistons received Corey Maggette
1) From Charlotte’s perspective they got the scorer and three point threat they needed and a bonus 1st rounder.
2) For the Pistons this is simply a delayed salary dump-Gordon has close to $ 26 million left on his contract while Maggette’s $11 million expires after 2013.
3) Gordon’s game suffered when he went to D-Town but he is still a lethal shooter, the potential upside of this move was worth the risk.

Draft #2
* Michael Kidd Gilchrist (Kentucky)
1) After all the talk about this kid he appears to be the real deal after one Summer League contest.
2) Line vs SAC: 18pts/8rbs/5assists/4stls
3) I wont be sold after one game but the question is will Gilchrist get the starting nod over Gerald Henderson in 2013?

Off-season Mistake
The Bobcats should have use their amnesty clause on Tyrus
2) Thomas will be owed roughly $26 million over the next 3 seasons.
3) His game appears to be heading south, in 2012 he shot 36% from the field, defense which has been his strong suit has also been in a tailspin.

2013 PREDICTION: 32-50

Written By: Kareem Arnold


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2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Nets and Charlotte Bobcats 2013 Season:Trades,Free Agents and Predictions

  1. For the Bobcats post. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I think they should amnesty Thomas. He is clearly not making the team any better. I disagree with signing Rush. The player they should look to sign is Antwain Jamison. He is from Charlotte and would like to return. He would be a great mentor and leader for the team, not to mention he would be a short term contract. As for their number 2 pick, trade it if the market is right. there is no way I would trade it for Evans. Why trade for a player you may lose at the end of the year? There is a lot of speculation that Cleveland is very interested in jumping in front of Washington to pick Beal. If you can pry the 4, 24, and possibly the 33 or 34 pick from them do it. I don’t think the Cats are sold on one player over another (between Robinson, Barnes, MKG, and Beal), so they are guaranteed to get one at 4 and you pick up the 24 which could turn out to be a very serviceable player because of this year’s draft depth.

    Posted by Justin | June 25, 2012, 11:04 AM
  2. Bobcats get Landry 7th seed here we ome

    Posted by Ryan | July 24, 2012, 2:32 AM

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