The 3 pointer originated in the ABA, the NBA adopted it in 1979

Atlanta Hawks and Boston Celtics 2013 Season:Trades,Free Agents and Predictions

Atlanta Hawks (40-26)

2013 Lineup                            2013 Bench           

PG-Devin Harris                      ZaZa Pachulia         John Jenkins
SG-Lou Williams                     Jeff Teague
SF-Anthony Morrow              Jordan Farmar
PF-Josh Smith                          Johan Petro
C-Al Horford                              Kyle Korver

#1 Need-Size/Rebounds off the bench
* The style of the Hawks may change in 2013-the roster supports a run and gun offense-stacked with shooters.
* Out on a limb-The Hawks will lead the NBA in 3 pointers made in 2013.

Free Agency
* Lou Williams (76ers)
1) An energy player that can hit the 3 and is a fire-starter off the bench.
2) He could ignite Atlanta’s sometimes anemic offense.
3) Williams would benefit from a big man like Horford-who commands double teams-by getting more open shots.
4) Williams could came at a lesser price tag than Kirk Hinrich-last years bench leader-and would be a legit candidate to structure a vacant bench around.

Utah Jazz received Marvin Williams
Atlanta Hawks received Devin Harris
1) New Magician and GM Danny Ferry made contracts vanish during his first few weeks. Marvin Williams was his first volunteer.
2) The Hawks welcomed Devin Harris’s expiring contract-if the Hawks run and gun Harris would compliment that style. Harris may start early over Teague but if he struggles expect a quick change at point guard.
3) With Raja Bell looking to toil elsewhere the Jazz needed a small forward and Marvin Williams is actually a perfect fit.
4) Williams has always been dubbed a draft bust but he’s a decent safe choice at the 3. He does’nt possess any eye opening skills but expect him to finally have a breakout 2013 campaign in the City of Salt.

*see Brooklyn Nets article for Joe Johnson trade

Draft # 23 Pick
*John Jenkins SG (Vanderbilt)
1) This guy shoots like he was alive back in the days of the Wild West. He has a quick and efficient trigger.
2) Jenkins has been the most efficient shooter in the Summer League-averaging just over 16 points while shooting 43% from distance.
3) If Jenkins can transition his efficiency to the NBA, he has a strong chance to become Atlanta’s future #1 scoring option.
Current NBA Comparison-Ray Allen
Potential Second Coming-Steve Smith

Offseason Mistake
Failing to acquire Kris Humphries
1) The Hawks did as well as any team this offseason moving Joe Johnson’s mammoth contract.
2) But instead of acquiring scrap heap players like Johan Petro and DeShawn Stevenson why not acquire a solid big man like Humphries.
3) In my opinion Josh Smith plays with an advantage at the 3-acquiring Humphries to start at the 4 to bolster Atlanta’s 23rd ranked rebounding and meagre frontline would have made sense.

2013 Prediction: 40-42

Boston Celtics (39-27)

2013 Lineup                                  2013 Bench       

PG Rajon Rondo                        Jared Sullinger
SG Jason Terry                         Avery Bradley
SF Paul Pierce                            Fab Melo
PF Brandon Bass                       Courtney Lee
C   Kevin Garnett                        Jeff Green

#1 Need- Staying Healthy/Rebounding
* Now infused with youth the Celts will be the league’s most underrated bunch.
*Jolly Green Prediction-The Celtics will go from 2012’s worst rebounding team to top 5.

Free Agency
Jason Terry ( Mavericks)
1) When Ray Allen burned the Celtics by signing with the Heat, Danny Ainge sought out the next best shooter in the class-Jason Terry.
2) Terry is 34, 3 years younger than Allen- Terry is a downgrade when it comes to 3 point efficiency-Terry is a set shooter, so expect to see less off the ball movement from him compared to Ray Allen.
3) The Celtics got an excellent deal on Terry-3 years 15.6 million will be worth the heartache of Ray Allen leaving. C’s fans you won’t miss him.

*Paul Pierce($16.7 million) to Bulls-Luol Deng($13.3 million)+Rip Hamilton($5 million)+Taj Gibson($2.1 million)
The Celts have hardly any trade chips but with only two years left on Pierce’s contract, he could become part of a potential overhaul.
2) This trade is realistic and would have upside for both clubs, but nothing of this magnitude will happen unless the Celts have a horrendous start in 2013 and become sellers at the deadline.
3) Deng being only 27 is a lock down defender and a streaky shooter who earned an all star spot in 2012. Gibson is a shot blocker who brings intensity on the boards, exactly what the Celts need if they lose Garnett to injury. Hamilton moves off the ball flawlessly, if he’s healthy he could assume Ray Allen’s role.
4) Pierce to the Bulls would spawn a legit one two punch with Derrick Rose and would allow Chicago to compete with superpowers like the Miami Heat.

Draft #21 & 22
Jared Sullinger PF/C (Ohio State)+ Fab Melo C (Syracuse)
1) The Celtics were the NBA’s worst rebounding team in 2012 and they remedied this in the draft.
2) The Celtics have not possessed offensively skilled front-court players outside of Garnett in some time.
3) Sullinger slipped drastically in the draft because of his medical red flag but  the Celts got a steal-he is an undersized center but a very efficient interior scorer and decent rebounder.
4) Melo would be providing insurance, in case injury claims the already thin Celtic frontline.
5) Boston got a defensive presence but a below average offensive center in Fab Melo.

Off-Season Mistake
39 is a difficult age
1) Kevin Garnett will be making $11 million next year-reasonable-but 3 years is just too many.
2) 2 years would have been plausible, because Paul Pierce’s contract would be expiring simultaneously.
3) A team option for the 3rd year could have also worked-what will Garnett have at age 39?

2013 PREDICTION: 50-32

Written by: Kareem Arnold


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